Whiskey Wash Gives High Praise To Puncher’s Chance™

Whiskey and bourbon review website recently got a bottle of Puncher’s Chance™ for review. After a pretty through test the website had a few notes on our blended Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Appearance: Dark gold and clear with medium viscosity.

Nose: Musty wood and hints of sweet vanilla.

Palate: The bourbon smells sweeter than it is on the palate. Citrus peel and the slight bitter of cocoa powder give way to a smooth, spiced finish.

Overall Whiskey Wash rates Puncher’s Chance as a 3.5 out of 5 stars saying:

“The subtle blend gives off just enough of the wood and the sweetness on the nose really mellows out in the glass to a nice smooth finish.”

Jerry Jenae Sampson

The Whiskey Wash